By the central situation of Schillingsfürst you have to explore optimum ways the single important towns of Hohenlohe Franconia.

In our nearness you find the historical romantic cities of Rothenburg over the river Tauber, Feuchtwangen and Dinkelsbühl which can allow to stay with your buildings and local facilities quite a lot of days.

The Nuremberg Christmas present market and the Rothenburger rider's reading market are world-renowned in the Advent time, Among the rest, there are in the region a lot of small Christmas fairs on the weekends. The specialities to food are Bratwurst, Schnitzel and Haxen by the markets.

Bad Windsheim lies only 1 half an hour away, here one can visit in nice weather the open land museum with the old regional buildings and in bad weather in the thermal bath with a salinity to 24%.

Who plans a day trip to the Frankish lowland plain full of lakes with Gunzenhausen, sees here three artificial reservoirs (with water sport possibility). The lakes supply the Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal with the accumulated high water.

Also the hohenloher country hides some treasures which want to be explored. With a round trip above the upper Tauber valley you come to Weikersheim, Bad Mergentheim and then after Langenburg again back to the aim. Besides, you can visit some castles, Marien's monuments and also one more car-museum.

For those who are interested in music comes in the region on his costs.
Started with the Schillingsfürster concert row, the Hohenloher cultural summer, the Ansbacher Bach's weeks, the regional bar-festivals and as a highlight the known 3-day Tauber-Valley-Festival