Our Frankish region offers a lot of nature and you can enjoy your leisure everywhere.

» Walk

For the nature lovers there are the numerous walking-ways which are marked with each other. Besides, one can enjoy the intact vegetation at every season.

The region offers the divide way as Flatly and some distant walking-ways like the Main- Danube-Way, the Romantic Road, the Altmuehl Way.

There are also marked Nordic Walking distances in different lengths and one can refresh himself at the end still in our local Kneipp arrangement.

If in winter is enough snow, there are 3 cross-country trail distances, 3 km, 6 km and 12 km, which demands quite a lot of condition in our hilly area.

For the offers there are of course sufficient maps and charts.

» Ride a bike

The cycling finds here also quite a lot of challenge, because there are marked round ways on remote streets which go back again to the aim. These are four different wings with a putting of 60 – 70 km which one can also connect with each other, therefore, that's why this circuit is called "bicycle butterfly".

Also for the cyclist who drives down the Romantic Road rest should make on his stage with us and enjoy the marvellous view in the hohenloher country and the river Tauber headwaters in nice weather.

When required we can give you the topographic maps in the house.

» Fishing

In the in-house lake the angler of us can get day tickets. Here you catch carp, tenches, whitefishes, pikes and pikeperches.

Also in the closer rivers, like Tauber, Sulzach, the Altmuehl and also lakes one can buy hinge maps with the responsible associations.

» Sightseeing

In Schillingsfürst you can look on some historical things. There is the castle to High ones blazes with museum and a connected falconry with everyday flight presentations in the summertime.

In the collection of the home museum in the pump room there is a technical building. It is a pumping plant which was driven earlier with an ox and granted the water supply for the castle Hohenlohe about Wood-tubes.

The gallery owner can look at the pictures of our home painter in our villager gallery.