A hearty greeting God,
so that you also know a little about us, we would like to fancy and our hotel – inn in Schillingsfürst in the Romantic Road near to Rothenburg over the river Tauber.

We are Ute von Berg-Leiblein and Friedrich Leiblein with our family.

Ute von Berg-Leiblein makes as a qualified hotel expert and cooks in the kitchen as well as the organisation of the hotel company. Friedrich Leiblein worries for the guests and services. Moreover, he looks in the in-house distillery franc height after the production of the varied fruit distillates.

Ute von Berg-Leiblein and Friedrich Leiblein  Flairhotel Die Post 

Our hotel inn is already led in the 5th generation and everybody has contributed to what now today the guests get to the well-being and culinary.

In this long informal time, since 1870, the inn of a relay station with agriculture developed to the today's hotel inn with 27 guest beds and the restaurant franc height.

We offer seasonal courts in to our guests, so to you, traditional, seasonally as well as also. This the charm is also to be felt fine for you any time with us.

Starting from the home-baked soups, hors-d'oeuvres and the main courses which are refined by the regional and national raw materials with a lot of love.

Quite a lot of specific features, like the Frankish sausage and the Frankish carp, but also the national known shred belongs to the courts. According to season the boss creates also full little doves and the seasonal asparagus courts. Also the vegetarian kitchen in varying variations finds with the guests in popularity.

Our drinks, how the wines and the beers come from the Frankish region and should also reflect the variety. Particularly the house-burnt schnapps of the home fruit meets after food and also for home big approval.

Our hotel inn is present since 1983 with the atmosphere hotels cooperation where we may also count to the foundation members.

We would want you whether you Ride a bike or spoil walking, so also vacationer, businessmen, assemblers, families as well as the passageway travellers with our informal charm.